Skimatix – Stranger Danger EP [OUT NOW ON TRIBAL SOUND]

tribal sound_001_Skimatix

Stranger Danger. In keeping with Skimatix’s fondness for fusion. ‘Stranger Danger’ takes an old appalachian folk song and pairs it up carefully with a shuffling UK Garage Beat and deep pulsating sub bass line, tempered with some warm fender rhodes chords to add a bit of melodic depth to this deep club roller at 127bpm.

Higher. At 160bpm ‘Higher’ see’s Skimatix taking his sound back to a more familiar tempo, with this subtle footwork banger disguised as a chilled ambient footwork track. The Frenetic Snares of footwork are eschewed to make way for a minimal beat which switches in and out of compound time at just the right times giving the track momentum from start to finish.


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RAW and Wiz Khalifa Team Up


RAW and Wiz Khalifa have teamed up to create RAW’s first branded product: Classic Khalifa: The Wiz Pack. The rolling papers come with filters and something that has been missing from rolling paper packs since forever: a poker.

So, how did this match made-in-heaven come about? Josh, the founder of RAW Rolling Papers tells HIGH TIMES:

“I remember the night very well. It was US election night 2012 and we were all in the green room of a venue in Vancouver Canada before Wiz’s show. Wiz was rolling up some pre-rolls when he turned to me and asked for a poker to pack the ends in. I didn’t have one and neither did anyone else in the room. We dug around for a pen to use but nobody could find anything to use as a poker. It was funny but eventually we had to send Big Breeze out to grab a pen from one of the security guards. That night Wiz told me ‘See, Josh you need to include a poker with my packs.’ It took me a while to find a way to keep it integrated and natural, but now we’re proud to announce the launch of the special Wiz packs with built-in tips and poking tool. May you never spend another night of frustration searching for a pen to poke with!”



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